Letter (WCP6792.7864)


Osaka, Japan

Jan 4, 1890

Dear Mr. Romanes

About a week ago I received your enclosure with clippings from Nature <& the> Chronicle. Those from Nature I had seen before as I take Nature; but I was glad to have extra copies; & your paper before the British Association I should not otherwise have seen.

I enclose with this an [illeg. crossed out] article from Nature which will [2] serve as a partial reply to Mr Wallace's criticisms, & will enable those who are becoming interested in Segregation to understand its relations to other factors.

The other fuller reply to Mr. Wallace will can perhaps be made will perhaps find a place in some Amer. periodical after being slightly modified. As I have a pencil copy it will not be necessary for you to send the copy in your hands; though if it Pref is not too much [3] trouble I would like to have you keep track of it. It may be of interest to some future purchaser of the collection of shells that I left with Mr. Jackson.

I have written to Mr. Jackson that if the British Museum or any other purchaser is ready to take them I will part with them for £65

Sincerely yours | J.T.Gulick [signature] [4]


Jan. 3rd.

Dear Aunt Ellen;1

The letter stops here.

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