Author’s draft (WCP6856.7948)


Bernard Darwin (Son of Sir Francis Darwin)

Gorringes, Downe, Farnborough, Kent

Dear Mr Darwin,

It has been suggested to me that the letters written by Charles Darwin to my father should be deposited at Down House.

I have up till now made no provision for their permanent preservation safe custody of the letters and I am not at present anxious to part with them as they are amongst my most treasured possessions. at the same time It is however very desirable that eventually they letters should be preserved placed somewhere where they will be both safe & accessible to any one interested in them.

In my opinion the [illeg.] value of these letters will be enhanced if both sides of the correspondence are kept together & I should be greatly obliged if you will tell me whether any thing has been done or is contemplated with regard to A. R. Wallace's letters to your grandfather.

I am not sure that Down House is the best place in which to deposit them unless very special [2] precaution against fire & theft have been taken. I should lean incline more towards the B.M. or perhaps the Linnean Soc.

Yours very truly | W.G. Wallace1 [signature]

My two children (and their parents!) are great admirers of Mr Tootless.

Wallace, William Greenell (1871-1951)

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