Published letter (WCP7008.8117)

[1] [p. 9]

Mr. Wallace, in a subsequent letter giving permission to use the foregoing letter1, added:

"I should like to add that I do not think the course of social reform can be the same in England as in America. Our territorial aristocracy, still retaining much of the power they possessed in feudal times, are the source of the profound class distinctions that still prevail among us, and must be got rid of before we can make any real progress. Our first step, therefore, must be the nationalization of the land, by which the power and prestige of the great landlords will be destroyed. The workers, having free access to the land, will then be able to accumulate capital and to establish co-operative industries among themselves. They will thenceforth be independent of both landlords and capitalists, and the step will not be a difficult one from the partial and local to complete and national co-operation."


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