Faraday to Richard Taylor   c Late October 18401

My dear Sir

Dr Peyron2 whom I introduce to you is connected with the Annales de Chimie and would gladly have as an extract from your Mag any account of the electrical boiler3. I thought perhaps you would like to give him a proof if you can. I have told him perhaps you cannot[.]

Ever Yours | M. Faraday

R. Taylor

Address: R. Taylor Esq | &c &c &c

Dated on the basis that Peyron was in England during 1840 (see letter 1304) and that Armstrong (1840b), a French abstract of Armstrong (1840a), were both published in November 1840.
According to letter 1304 Peyron was Professor of Physics at Marseilles.
Armstrong (1840a).


ARMSTRONG, William George (1840a): “On the Electricity of a Jet of Steam issuing from a Boiler”, Phil. Mag., 17: 370-4.

ARMSTRONG, William George (1840b): “Sur un développement d'électricité dans le jet de vapeur d'une chaudière”, Ann. Chim., 75: 328-9.