Letter (WCP347.347)



August1 1846

D[ea]r Sir

I have been expecting to hear from you for some time — About two months ago I sent you a box of Insects & a letter separately — One of which at least[?] I presume you have received.2

I trust nothing very calamitous has befallen you to retard your Entomological correspondence.

I have not done much of late — the weather has been really unfavourable — on fine days the "painted lady" [2] Brimstone, peacock & Admiral are all abundant, also Hipparchia semele on dry hills, the burrows3 & stony banks but I have not yet succeeded in taking a good series for myself, from their[?] rapid motion & shyness — I have at last taken a pair of Cicindela maritima, they do not seem at all abundant this year as Mr Dilwyn [Dillwyn]4 says they generally are — I have not however been down to the Burrows lately — Geotrupes sylvatica [sylvaticus] is abundant now[.] I have also taken G. vernalis — I have been [3] very unsuccessful hitherto with the Chrysomelidae — A pair of C. varians & f[emale][?] C. Hyperici being all I have taken —

I have taken a good many curious Diptera & Hymenoptera5 & have received a few Lepidoptera from a friend (not an Entomologist so they are bad specimens) in Georgia. U.S[.] — 3 or 4 papilios and a fine green Bombyx6 with long tails to the hinder wings[.]

[a sketch of a moth appears here with the following text to the lower right of the drawing: "this but double the size —"]

[4] I hope to have some more & in better condition soon —

I am very unfortunate in Lepidoptera a fine Chrysalis of Stauropus fagi which I have kept since last year has not come out & is apparently dead as is also a larva of the same I had this year.

Several larva of Acronycta alni? have died — & I have now a pupa of Saturnia (the Emperor) which I fear is likewise gone — I have taken some nice Bembidiidae [;] Tachypus bipunctatus, T. striatus & T. pallidipennis — also Clivina collari. I must now conclude & hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely | Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

Mr. H. Bates.

ARW gives no day-date here.
Possibly WCP1274: ARW to Henry Walter Bates, dated 9 June 1846, in which ARW states his intention of sending specimens to Bates.
Crymlyn Burrows, an area of sand-dunes at the mouth of the River Neath. See WCP341_L341.
Dillwyn, Lewis Weston (1778-1855). British porcelain manufacturer, naturalist and Member of Parliament.
With the exception of the orders Diptera (true flies) and Hymenoptera (which includes sawflies, wasps and ants) all other insects mentioned are either Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), or Coleoptera (beetles).
Papillio is a genus of Swallowtail butterfly, Bombyx a genus of Silkmoth.

Please cite as “WCP347,” in Beccaloni, G. W. (ed.), Ɛpsilon: The Alfred Russel Wallace Collection accessed on 26 February 2024, https://epsilon.ac.uk/view/wallace/letters/WCP347