Transcription (WCP5577.6340)


Columbia1 Aug. 1853.

Dear Alfred,

Enclosed you will receive the first of Exchange for 272 11. 18 (Yankee that) payable at the bank of Ruth and Co. London. As you soon as you receive this you had better call on Mr. Millard2 19 Tokenhouse Yard, and notify him that you have my authority to pay back the 180 lbs. borrowed by me in March 1849. As soon as you receive the money (3 days after sight) you can pay him the 180 lbs. th with any interest that may be due, and see that the bonds, mortgage, etc. be duly cancelled. Then settle with my mother3 the interest that she has paid for me, and keep the remainder as part payment of what I owe you, and let me know as early as possible the result of all these business affairs, and the balance due to you, which I think I shall be able to remit to you in about another month, either to England, or any other part you may wish. The money was borrowed by Mr. Millard for me from the Rev. Miles Atkinson,4 Mrs. Bateman5 being his solister [solicitor], but I suppose Mr. Millard will settle the whole business without your having anything to do with Mr. Bateman.6 I will however write by this mail to Mr. Millard,7 informing him of the arrangement, and also should you not receive this draft, he will be able to stop the payment to any one else. In my next letter8 I will send the second of exchange, which however will be of no value if you get the first all safe.

By this mail I will also send you the few beetles I have collected, packed in oak sawdust, in a small wooden box. They are few, and I fear not uncommon, or in very good condition, but should there be any amongst them that are valuable, you can send me a description, and I may par perhaps be able to obtain a number of the same sort next year. As this is purely a business letter, I will remain now conclude and remain

Your affectionate Brother, | John Wallace9

To Alfred R. Wallace

44 Upper Albany St[reet].10

Regents Park


Columbia: Columbia, Tuolumne County, California (USA).
Millard, Joseph Thomas ( — ). British attorney in London.

Wallace (née Greenell), Mary Ann (1792-1868). Mother of ARW and John


Not identified. [MB: Not https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miles_Atkinson because he died 1811]
Not identified.
Not identified.
write by this mail to Mr. Millard: [cross referencing to this letter in the volume]
my next letter: [cross referencing to this letter in the volume]
Wallace, John (1818-1895). Brother of ARW; engineer and surveyor.
From Christmas 1852 to 26 January 1854, ARW rented 44 Upper Albany Street, and had rented 43 Upper Albany Street before then.

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